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Botanical Treks is a Travel Agency which is located at Thamel like most of the travel agencies in Kathmandu are. This was our first project when we introduced our new “Monthly Web Development Package” for travel agencies. I still remember the reaction the Managing Director of Botanical Treks gave when he learned about our package. His first words were literally, “So, I don’t have to invest my time in website and it will still have content without paying for extra money”. And we said, “Yes”. 🙂

So today, I am going to do a Case Study about the project and go through it’s challenges and goals.

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BotanicalTreks.com is the official website of Botanical Treks and Excursions Pvt. Ltd. located in Thamel. The agency offers various trekking package and excursion deals for any new or returning traveler. It’s not just that, as the name suggest “Botanical“, the agency also specializes in managing a trek to natural botanical places or gardens of Nepal.


The main goal of the site was to make it more appealing and easier for users to send an inquiry. The previous website that the agency had was outdated. The old site was designed in 2011, and it was time the site needed a renovation 😉


The main challenge in working with this project is to bring the site in top results in search engines. Since our package deals in monthly content writing and maintenance, we create a half annual report about the website. The old site was never really updated in the past and google had just pushed the site further down. Most of its competitors have been regularly updating content on their website. And before the start of the project we had zero data on how the users are coming to the site.


The new website has been online for the past four months, and now we have some data from where we can start again.

We first started with the UI Design for the site and started our development. We used WordPress as a CMS. For travel features, we have developed our own Plugin that can handle all the requirement of any travel site.

Now that we are into managing the site, we have posted 9 blog articles in four months, acquired 365 new site visitors and increased organic search from 2% to 27%. Everyday these numbers grows and it’s just a matter of time that the site starts generating convertable leads.

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