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There are many websites where you can learn web development. Web Development is the hot topic for the past few years. Almost few years ago the only thing trending in web development was PHP, but the tides have changed. Almost every programming language can be used to develop a website. There are languages such as C#, Ruby, Python and many more that can support a web development. There are more resources than ever present online, there are platforms where you can ask experts whenever you get stuck while learning. The emergence of Web Development Bootcamp has made it even more easier for aspiring developers to learn web development.

Today I am going to list out some of the best sites where you can learn web development for free of cost. These sites offers complete courses that are 100% free. I have not listed sites that only offers basic course for free and charge a fee for advanced.

1. MIT Open Course ware

MIT Open course ware offers a loads lot of courses on variety of fields. The courses are basically the lectures conducted in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. You can search the courses in its homepage and follow the video lectures given by experienced professors. You will have a classic classroom experience and learn at the same time.

MIT Open Course Ware

2. Codewars

If you are already learning web development on your own or taking classes, Codewars is the right place to further sharpen your skills. The app offers you to complete different algorithms and challenges on your preferred programming language. Each correct submission levels your experience not only in real time but also in the app. It is the best site to track your coding experience as you learn different algorithms.


3. Free Code Camp

If your dream is to become a Front end developer or a full stack JavaScript Engineer than Free Code Camp is for you. I cannot stop falling in love with this site. The site teaches you through challenges. It starts off with an easy challenge and slowly increases its difficulty. And that’s not the best part. The best part about the site is that it covers almost everything you need to know about JavaScript and it’s framework/library to become a kick ass Front End Developer. It also offers back end courses for aspiring JavaScript full stack engineers.

Free Code Camp

4. Khan Academy

You might have already heard about Khan Academy. The site is best to learn HTML, JavaScript and jQuery. Besides these, Khan Academy offers courses for Algorithms and Computer Animation as well. Become a Khan (made up thingy by me) and learn awesome JS stuffs. What makes Khan Academy different than other sites. Well, it is the only site that offers Hour of Code. Basically the Hour of Code means that you code for an hour every day. It offers you a coding course that will take you one hour to learn and complete. Head on to their site to learn more.

Khan Academy

5. Dash GA

Dash General Assembly is a part of the Famous General Assembly organization. If you don’t know General Assembly and you are an aspiring UX Designer and Front End Developer than I have got “Bad News” for you brother and sister. The bad news is that you need to google more often. GA also emphasizes on Front end technologies (geez!!, what’s with free and front end). But the best part about this is that it teaches you on a project based approach (you see it’s different: “intended tomato ketchup pun” 😉 ). As you complete the projects it unlocks a skill for you (That’s Awesome). Spoiler Alert: You’ll love their projects. 🙂

Dash General Assembly

6. The Odin Project

The Odin Project offers you a step-by-step web development bootcamp with Ruby as it’s back end programming language. So any aspiring Ruby Developer, rush to this site already. The site follows a semi project-based approach and goes step-by-step from zero to literally making you a hero in the field of web development. The instructions are very straight forward and you will enjoy the tutorials given in the site. Odin’s Beard!! (I just wanted to write this).

The Odin Project

So what I noticed while writing this article is that, there is a lot of resources that can teach you JavaScript and there are sites that covers different aspects of the scripting language. Since JavaScript is a must for any web developer, front end or back end, it makes sense to be available on all of the sites. Happy Learning!! Happy Coding!!

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